Larkooler Liquid Cooling Kit attempts the whole-system cooling approach

by Rafael Hernandez on December 30, 2009 · 0 comments

Putting together a liquid cooling system requires some careful planning and the right selection of components which will properly cool your hardware…a maddening array of choices await!

Or you can go with the Larkooler Liquid Cooling Kit which supplies processor, GPU, northbridge, and mosfet cooling blocks and all the necessary gear to get it going. MADSHRIMPS has the review:

Performance wise the CPU only block setup could keep in touch with my daily air setup. The IOH and GPU block also lowered temps drastically once installed. I haven’t tested this kit with the CPU any higher than 3.8Ghz, this to keep it in touch with the other I7 water blocks tested. Even though its performance isn’t stellar compared to a normal WC setup. You still have to keep in mind the price of this kit. Weighing in at 180 dollars and providing a full thermal solution for the vital hot components, it’s quite affordable. A normal WC solution will set you back sometimes at least twice the price. Of course cooling performance will be better, but it might require case modding or other craftsmanship to get it working.

A nice entry solution for complete system cooling with solid performance

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