Left 4 Dead, Zombie Hunting Season Is Open

by Rafael Hernandez on November 20, 2008 · 0 comments

The thrill of racking up a zombie body count is quite exhilarating, especially when you’ve got some backup in the way of three of your bestest friends (or complete strangers). bit-tech has a look at the highly anticipated Left 4 Dead game which has you trying to survive an onslaught of really creepy living dead. Here’s a peek:

So here’s what you need to know. The world of Left 4 Dead is set
in that most easily explained of fictitious scenarios, the Zombie
Apocalypse. The fast-zombie apocalypse to be precise (slow shufflers
just wouldn’t be as entertaining would they?), with five more unique
boss zombies tossed into the mix such as The Boomer, horribly obese and
intent on vomiting on you to attract the zombie horde, or The Hunter,
who can pounce long distances and pin you to the ground.

One thing that all the zombies have in common though is that they are
between you and the next safe haven and that they’ll drop dead for a
second time after a liberal application of lead. Thus the twenty-level
stage is set as you and three other survivors, controlled by either AI
or other players depending on what you want, begin an epic journey to

The game is divided into four campaigns split between five levels
connected via safe havens, and while all are based upon the same
premise of a trek through zombie infested territory each has a unique
feel thanks to the surprisingly varied environments. One campaign
begins in a green house on the ruins of a small town before climaxing
on the tarmac of an airport runway, while another sees the survivors
journey to the top of a sky scraper to reach rescue.

Loads of fun to be sure! Just make sure your friends actually like you before you play, they may just use you as bait.

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