Lian Li Mini Q PC-V354 doesn’t think you should go any smaller

by Rafael Hernandez on October 12, 2010 · 0 comments

Micro ATX motherboards sport an awful lot of impressive features now, including multi GPU support, which doesn’t seem to be on the minds of many case manufacturers as they still make cases with little in the way of airflow to accommodate the high-end hardware of today. The Lian Li Mini Q PC-V354 will gladly take your over the top gaming aspirations and still keeps things compact by moving the power supply over the graphics cards (which has the added benefit of improving airflow to them). Of course that doesn’t mean much if there aren’t other places to mount fans so the company mounted two 1200mm models up front while a 140mm fan is forced into exhaust duty up top…they leave a 120mm fan mount free for you to do with as you please. Quite a bit of cooling capability especially when you consider that its dimensions are quite compact indeed.

Lian Li Mini Q PC-V354 MicroATX Case Review @ TechSpot

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