Lian Li PC-Q06 ITX Test Bench because cases are for suckers

by Rafael Hernandez on August 24, 2010 · 0 comments

A test bench is generally used to…test hardware (or known problematic components) before putting it into its final enclosed resting space. The enthusiast crowd has adopted the concept for their own use since they tend to swap a heck of a lot of hardware which is downright annoying to deal with when it’s installed in a case. The Lian Li PC-Q06 ITX Test Bench looks like a small form factor case but that’s just for you to install your power supply, hard drive, and optical storage in while your Mini ITX motherboard sits above it all happily churning away in the open air. A slick setup to be sure and a likely permanent setup for many.

Lian Li PC-Q06 ITX Test Bench in Red @ ProClockers

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