Lian Li PC-TU200 reinforces your portable gaming PC

by Rafael Hernandez on October 31, 2011 · 0 comments

Lian Li’s PC-TU200 PC case looks forward to the day that you decide that your next LAN gaming rig will be based on a miniITX motherboard which would make it the best choice for your new system since it’s clearly built for dragging around to your next meet. The case is nicely ruggedized with reinforced corners for those times when you lose control of your arm and smash it into the nearest table as well as a conveniently placed handle that makes it especially easy to carry around. It does make provisions for a double slot video card so you can fit some seriously powerful hardware in this very small case but your cooling systems should be suited for the cramp quarters.

Lian Li PC-TU200: On the Road With Lian Li @ AnandTech

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