Lian Li PC-V352 B is by no means petite

by Rafael Hernandez on November 29, 2010 · 0 comments

When you think of a HTPC computer you think of a small to medium sized device that will playback your content and can fit in with the rest of your components or otherwise not draw attention to itself. The Lian Li PC-V352 B does none of that and gladly announces its almost cubed presence.  The case is designed to handle up to a microATX motherboard and will gladly take your overpowered graphics card so that you can also do some heavy duty gaming which is made possible by the fact that it can take a full sized ATX power supply to feed your components. It’s not the norm but it’ll give you the flexibility to make your HTPC do things others can’t.

Lian Li PC-V352 B HTPC Chassis @ TweakTown

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