Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 gets about as fancy as you’d want

by Rafael Hernandez on September 3, 2010 · 0 comments

Gaming mice toss a whole heck of a lot of feature points at you without really getting to needs of the gamer: a whole heck of a lot of buttons. Keyboards are nice and all but since you’ve got your hand on your mouse a bulk of the time it’s a good idea to have as many macros loaded on to it to ease those complicated gaming functions. The Logitech Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 gives you 13 buttons to work with and customizable software to program those healing macros to your heart’s content. Buttons aren’t the only thing going for it though since its high precision tracking device means you’ll make the shot most of the time…and if you didn’t it was lag anyway.

Logitech Wireless G700 Gaming Mouse Review @ Hardware Heaven

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