Lucid HyperFormance hopes to improve your gaming feel

by Rafael Hernandez on September 14, 2011 · 0 comments

Lucidlogix is a technology company that sits in a very strange place. They’re knee deep in video technology but they don’t produce GPUs themselves, instead they create technology like HyperFormance which they hope will improve how gaming feels to the gamer. Their software sits between gaming software and DirectX and intercepts calls that are being repeated (seemingly the same game frame being sent twice) and informs the graphics card to ignore it. Without the extra unneeded workload a graphics card is free to work on the next pertinent frame that should improve the link between what’s going on with your mouse and what’s happening on screen. Perhaps it’ll cure all of that micro-stuttering mess that’s floating around.

IDF 2011: Lucid HyperFormance Technology Improves Game Responsiveness @ PC Perspective

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