Lucid UNITY enables HYDRALOGIX Multi-GPU graphics processing possible for all

by Rafael Hernandez on August 30, 2010 · 1 comment

LucidLogix’s Hydra graphics engine allows any motherboard infused with its awesome powers to accept graphics cards from the two major manufacturers and allows them to work in tandem as a Multi-GPU solution that doesn’t take into account CrossFireX or SLI capabilities.

The technology does have its merits but it required motherboard manufacturers to add quite a bit of complexity, and cost, to their designs so Lucid has rolled out there newest product the UNITY architecture which moves their frame assembling technology on to the graphics cards bypassing the need for a Lucid Hydra equipped motherboard.

The company has at least one graphics card manufacturer on their side, PowerColor, which should make things interesting over the next few months if you’re the type of person that enjoys mixing and matching mid-range and high-end levels of hardware.

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