Marvell SATA-6G and Intel ICH10 storage performance battle

by Rafael Hernandez on December 7, 2009 · 0 comments

Intel X25-M Solid State DriveWhen it comes to storage performance you may think what’s included with your motherboard is as good as any other product on the market, unfortunately that’s not always the case as some companies devote considerable more time to perfecting their storage solutions than others.

Benchmark Reviews has a look at the Marvell SATA-6G controller and pits it against Intel’s ubiquitous ICH10 storage controller under the most stressful condition of all…handling super fast solid state drives:

Solid State Drives have traveled a long winding course to finally get where they are today. Up to this point in technology, there have been several key differences separating Solid State Drives from magnetic rotational Hard Disk Drives. While the DRAM-based buffer size on desktop HDD’s has recently reached 32 MB and is ever-increasing, there is still a hefty delay in the initial response time. This is one key area in which flash-based Solid State Drives continually dominates because they lack moving parts to “get up to speed”.

Some interesting performance implications if you happen to go for a Marvell based product.

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