Microsoft Prepping Hotmail Updates for busy people

by Rafael Hernandez on May 3, 2010 · 0 comments

The benefits of web-based email has been covered quite a bit over the years, and as a spam catch-all it has worked marvelously. It would seem that Microsoft is working on making their service a bit more workable for the busy folks out there.

Hotmail is in for some updates which should make it even more secure and usable with an emphasis on all of those wonderful “at-a-glance” features which will get you caught up with what’s new in your inbox without actually checking it out. That should come in handy with your mountain of social networking status updates.

So, busy people, you have something to look forward to over the coming months, but you’re likely going to be glued to your sites regardless making any time-saving features less than productive.

via: CNET

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