Microsoft Security Essentials Beta to Launch Tuesday, Free Security Software for Windows Users

by Rafael Hernandez on June 19, 2009 · 0 comments


Microsoft isn’t in the habit of giving things away for free aside from their web browser…and media player…and well just about anything that can net them a decent amount of market share so they can push their platforms.

That would make their Microsoft Security Essentials software somewhat unique as there’s nothing to push aside for some free security software in order to keep the masses of computers out there free of malicious software. DailyTech has the details on its beta launch next week:

The new service features dynamic
communication with Microsoft’s Dynamic Signature Service, which update
the malware signature list regularly.  It also request copies of code
that it suspects may be a new piece of malware.  Alan Packer, general
manager of Microsoft’s Anti-Malware team says the service publishes new
signatures three times daily.

Its malware code requesting feature is somewhat interesting, perhaps it’ll lead to earlier detection of threats in the wild.

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