Microsoft Sidewinder X6 has you pushing keys like a pro

by Rafael Hernandez on October 10, 2010 · 0 comments

Gaming keyboards have become something of a necessity for most players since, lets face it, keeping track of dozens of key combinations isn’t exactly fun and frantic hunting for the right keys to press usually ends up with your game character jumping off a cliff or something equally embarrassing. Microsoft’s Sidewinder X6 gaming keyboard is more than up to the task of keeping you in the game with 30 macro keys capable of being programmed with up to 90 commands and the requisite management software that can auto switch profiles depending on which game you load up. The keyboard also sports a removable, or switchable, number pad should you want to keep your desktop space or switch it off to the left for those that have a need to make things different.

Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard Review @ Burned In

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