Microsoft Windows Phone 7 means they’ve finally caught up

by Rafael Hernandez on October 11, 2010 · 0 comments

Microsoft’s grip on the personal computer is well known but their efforts in the mobile phone arena has lead to other manufacturers taking the lead in one of the largest software markets around: smartphones. The company has announced their Windows Phone 7 operating system and a few of the smartphones which will come infused with their OS. The best part about their platform is that they require a minimum hardware specification set to be met so there’s no doubt that you’ll get some beefy specs from whatever phone you decide on.

The main selling point to the new operating system, or at least what the company wishes we’d all be fascinated with, is the integration of several of the company’s other endeavors giving it as broad a services footprint as any other OS/hardware combination out there including Zune-like functionality as well as a gaming hub based around their Xbox LIVE branding which should see quite a few developers plotting their own gaming magic for the devices.

A fine start but I’m sure they’ll be getting a number (read: many) of feature requests soon enough.

Windows Phone @ Microsoft

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