Mitsubishi Diamond Vision OLED Modules enable massive screen building

by Rafael Hernandez on September 13, 2010 · 0 comments

The dream of an all OLED future is apparently beginning in your local stadium or other large scale project thanks to the Mitsubishi Diamond Vision OLED module. Their new system is comprised of 384mmx384mmx99mm (a little over 15″x15″) boxes which connect together to enable some massive displays.

You’d think that such a large display module would make for a great PC monitor as well but you’ll be disappointed to find out each one contains 16,384 pixels making it decidedly low resolution. At that pixel density you’re going to need at least 135 of them to make a display large enough to handle 1080p content natively. Good luck trying to cram all of that into your living room.

Mitsubishi Electric Launches World’s First Large-scale OLED Screen (PDF) @ Mitsubishi

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