MSI Big Bang Fuzion puts on a Multi-GPU magic show

by Rafael Hernandez on January 8, 2010 · 0 comments

Using multiple graphics cards to improve gaming performance has been a reasonable solution for over a decade now but that usually means being locked into a specific vendor at best and the same specific model of graphics card at worst.

In comes the MSI Big Bang Fuzion which uses the Lucid Hydra 200 chip that allows two graphics cards, even from competing vendors, to team up and tackle those pesky high-end gaming titles. Guru3D has the rather lengthy review:

So let me put it simply: The first Big Bang branded mainboard, Trinergy is designed with high-end technologies including nVidia nForce 200 SLI technology, Quantum Wave audio processing with the latest THX TruStudio PC and Creative EAX ADVANCED HD 5.0. The second one, the Fuzion, is perfectly the same motherboard that uses an Intel P55 platform board and a Lucid HYDRA chip that adds support for different brands and models of GPUs in the same system.

It’s extremely expensive and only a P55 motherboard as well but it does offer many compelling features as an enthusiast board.

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