MSI CR650 Notebook relies on AMD Fusion power

by Rafael Hernandez on May 6, 2011 · 0 comments

The mid-range notebook space is in a state of flux with plenty of models sporting exceedingly capable processors but horrific graphics solutions while AMD’s Fusion chips comes along and flips the script with a beefy integrated graphics core but middle of the pack CPU performance.

MSI’s CR650 is the latest entry into the Fusion powered notebook market which takes the mini processing wonder into the 15.6″ display sized laptop realm. All of the right features are in the model including an optical drive and 1366×768 display which is about what you’d expect in a $500 notebook. Unfortunately its massive size doesn’t exactly gel with the small footprint of the Fusion chip and its meager power draw so if you were planning on carrying around less weight you’re going to have to look at something like the HP Pavilion dm1z.

MSI CR650 review @ engadget

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