MSI HD 5870 Lightning Video Card enjoys fans quite a bit

by Rafael Hernandez on March 12, 2010 · 0 comments

There’s something to be said about custom cooling configurations. The base models most chip manufacturers ship with their creations do the minimum amount of work with the maximum amount of noise output imaginable.

MSI’s HD 5870 Lightning graphics card does away with the reference cooler in favor of a dual fan design that looks more than up to the task of cooling the Radeon HD 5870 it houses. techPowerUp has the review:

When looking at the PCB design, it becomes clear that MSI has gone long ways to improve the AMD reference design for extra overclocking potential. The included SSC coils work without emitting any coil noise, and the added number of PWM phases will help in situations that require large amounts of power fed to the GPU. But it seems to me that during normal use and during overclocking with the stock cooler, these features seem to make little difference.

A performance tailored card with plenty of features enthusiasts are looking for and a hefty amount of cooling performance.

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