MSI Wind, Now With Overclocking Functionality

by Rafael Hernandez on October 24, 2008 · 0 comments

If you’ve been delaying the purchase of a netbook over the lack of elite overclocking hacks MSI has got you covered. The company has rolled out an updated BIOS for their Wind netbook that allows for up to a 24% system overclock that can improve performance. Electric Vagabond has the details:

Recently MSI released the official 1.09 Bios on their website as the only downloadable bios – a big move that shows they endorse overclocking their machines, a feature that was left out of the Wind upon launch. This official bios release has all the features of the beta 1.08 bios (one-button 8%/15%/24%  automatic overclocking by pressing Fn+F10 on AC power and increasing available video memory) except with a few fixes: namely the Home, PgDn, PgUp and End keys are now functional, the Fn+Insert NumLock key allows you to use the numerical keypad and previous issues with sleep and hibernation have now been fixed.

Naturally, I have received a few requests to create a guide for the 1.09 bios as it looks like a few people are still experiencing some problems using various methods for the update (losing USB functionality amongst other things). I can confirm I have completed the upgrade on my MSI Wind U100 and everything works perfectly! To add to this success the computer actually performs BETTER on the 1.09 bios when compared to the 1.08 beta bios (which actually ran better than all previous bioses to boot!).

A nice little bonus for those constant tweakers out there.

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