MSI Wind-Top AE2220-25SUS gets you touchy feely with the screen

by Rafael Hernandez on January 4, 2010 · 0 comments

Touch-screens are at a bit of a cross-roads. Gadgets are a logical place for the functionality given their user-friendly approach but in the PC realm there aren’t exactly many shining examples of the technology being implemented.

The MSI Wind-Top AE2220-25SUS hopes to change all of that with its All-in-One design sporting a peppy Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and that touch-screen you’ve been pining for. Benchmark Reviews has the full story:

The small footprint doesn’t just shelter a 1080p HDTV LCD display, it also incorporates touch-screen functionality along with an integrated HD web cam and high-fidelity 5.1-channel SRS Premium Sound. Blu-ray Discs can be played back from the MSI Wind Top AE2220, and a digital tuner is also built-in for receiving over-the-air HD broadcasts allowing the DVR functionality within Microsoft Windows 7. Ideal for every workspace conceivable, the dual-core 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T6600 processor handles compute tasks and 4GB of DDR2 system memory ensure there’s no delay in program responsiveness, while a 500GB hard drive offers high-capacity storage space for saved data and recorded audio or video multimedia.

Quite nifty specs wise with the distinctive feel of a PC for the study/office.

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