MSI WindBox 6667BB-004US Barebones PC nets you an Atom on the cheap

by Rafael Hernandez on April 14, 2010 · 0 comments

While building your own PC can net you a system you can be proud of you’ll come in at a price above what most mass-built computers are sold for and you’re also limited in the sorts of designs you can build around.

The MSI WindBox 6667BB-004US Barebones PC sports Intel’s Atom 330 CPU and a discrete graphics chip in the form of an ATI Radeon HD 4330 all in a compact enclosure, just add memory and storage. Benchmark Reviews has a look:

The MSI Wind Box fits best into the HTPC category. It comes outfitted with the necessary HDMI port, audio, network and a few spare USB ports; just enough to get the job done. My main habits consist of recording and watching my favorite TV shows (Chuck), watching movies, and browsing the internet. In the past I’ve tried using small media box to access my computer files from my TV, but I got frustrated by the lack of options and limited interface. I prefer to have lots of features that are accessible using a keyboard and mouse. For this purpose the Wind Box is great.

There’s no question its usage as an HTPC machine would be fantastic but they’d make great basic machines for around the home as well.

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