MSI's G45M-FIDR Reviewed, G45 IGP Goodness

by Rafael Hernandez on October 10, 2008 · 0 comments

Intel’s chipsets are the popular choice to pair up with the company’s CPUs. The only thing that’s even more popular are their chipset variants that feature their very own graphics core built-in. The Tech Report has a look at the MSI G45M-FIDR motherboard sporting Intel’s G45 Express chipset which contains the company’s new Intel GMA X4500HD ICP. Here’s a short take:

One of the more impressive elements of the G45’s graphics component is its robust output capabilities. The chip can simultaneously drive up to two digital displays via DVI, HDMI, and DisplayPort outputs. You can feed multi-channel LPCM audio over HDMI, too–something even AMD’s beloved 780G can’t hack.

Like most integrated graphics implementations, the X4500HD carves itself a slice of system memory, in this case via the G45 Express’s dual-channel memory controller. This memory controller supports DDR2 up to an effective 800MHz and DDR3 up to 1066MHz, offering a healthy amount of memory bandwidth to the graphics core. And with support for front-side bus speeds up to 1333MHz (333MHz quad-pumped), the G45 has plenty of system bandwidth to go around, too.

A nice solution for those home theater and office PCs.

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