Nexus Prominent 5 is anything but

by Rafael Hernandez on March 10, 2011 · 0 comments

Computer hardware manufacturers tend to overstate things when it comes to naming their products so any adjective is fair play and the more grandiose it is the better. Unfortunately the Nexus Prominent 5 doesn’t match up to its name at all which is difficult when your case is a solid black design but it does go for that full-tower setup which means you have 5 5.25″ external bays to fill with whatever manner of hardware you see fit and they’ve gone all out with noise cancelling solutions including rubber bumpers for your power supply and vibration absorbers on the hard drive mounts as well as sound absorbing material on the panels which leads to a very quiet system that doesn’t stand out.

Nexus Prominent 5 Case Review @ Hardware Secrets

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