Nitrox iConn+ protects your iPhone and charges it as well

by Rafael Hernandez on January 14, 2010 · 0 comments

Single use devices are a bit of an annoyance, there’s only so much utility you can get out of it since it’s designed to do exactly one thing. Thankfully there are those that see a chance to bring in some added functionality.

The Nitrox iConn+ iPhone Case not only protects your iPhone but it also features a built-in battery that can give it a of an extra charge while on the road. Big Bruin has the review:

Due to numerous traffic jams, we used the Google Maps App, surfed the Internet, check emailed, and I managed to get a few games of pinball played while my wife was driving. Without the benefit of a charged iPhone battery, we managed to get almost 8 hours of run-time. The same exact usage scenario was repeated on the return trip, but this time we started with both devices fully charged. When the iPhone battery meter was checked upon pulling into the driveway, we were still at slightly more than half. I continued to use the iConn+ for the entire next day without the phone powering down. By comparison, with mixed phone and application usage I usually can go an entire 24 hour period between charges. So in my testing, the iConn+ does indeed backup the claim of “doubling” the iPhone’s battery life.

Quite handy if you’re a mobile browsing fiend.

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