Noctua Releases NM-A90 Heatsink Retention Upgrade Kit for Free

by Rafael Hernandez on March 31, 2010 · 0 comments

Buying a new piece of hardware and finding out that it doesn’t exactly work with your new, or upgraded, build is a frustrating issue but at least one company is on top of the situation when it comes to their products.

Noctua has released the NM-A90 Heatsink Retention Upgrade Kit and is offering it to owners of the NH-U12P SE2 and NH-U9B SE2 heatsinks free of charge, with a proof of purchase from a photo, scan or screenshot of the invoice. A sweet deal if you’re looking to rotate your cooler 90° so you can point its airflow in whatever direction is most temperature friendly.

Source: Noctua NM-A90 Upgrade Kit

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