NVIDIA Files Countersuit, Intel Probably Not Shaking In Their Boots

by Rafael Hernandez on March 27, 2009 · 0 comments


Intel has taken a bit of a hard-line in order to protect their
intellectual property recently hoping to either muscle out the
competition, corner the market for all manner of chips, or bring some
added drama to enthusiast forums everywhere. DailyTech has word that NVIDIA is getting litigious with Intel claiming that they have a right to create chipsets for the company’s Core i7 chips. This could get interesting:

NVIDIA maintains that the license agreement allows it to
make chipsets for the integrated memory controller processors and Intel
is merely trying to prevent it from being competitive by trying to cast
doubt on NVIDIA products in the minds of consumers.

NVIDIA has filed its own suit against Intel reports Reuters and is
seeking to terminate Intel’s license agreement to NVIDIA patents
relating to graphics processing and 3D computing. NVIDIA says that
without the license agreement it believes that Intel’s line of
integrated graphics processors violates NVIDIA patents.

Intel did manage to work in some SLI support on their latest chipset so NVIDIA may be feeling left out in the cold.

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