NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 accelerates multimedia with a minimum of effort

by Rafael Hernandez on October 11, 2010 · 0 comments

The “low-end” of the graphics card market gets quite a bit of attention from the PC enthusiast as that’s where the most energy efficient models make their home which is perfect for those HTPCs. The NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 is by no means a performance card…sure you’ll be able to load up some light gaming titles on it or you’ll be disappointed with its frame rate output otherwise. What it does have is the uncanny ability to speed up the decoding process on your favorite video formats and is capable of working all sorts of visual magic to clean up and make sure those video frames are all lined up and are as artifact free as possible.

NVIDIA’s GeForce GT 430: The Next HTPC King? @ AnandTech

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