NVIDIA infringes on IP, product injunctions ahoy

by Rafael Hernandez on July 28, 2010 · 0 comments

With the amount of technology that goes into today’s modern components it’s difficult to keep track of what you need to license in order to make sure you won’t get sued into oblivion later on down the road. It would seem one company forgot to square certain things away.

The International Trade Commission has found that NVIDIA did indeed infringe on a number of Rambus patents, which no doubt deal with memory technology, and has put an injunction on any products that happen to use the patents the company integrated them into. Of course there’s a 60 day window until the injunction goes into play which means the company will no doubt come to a licensing agreement with Rambus so this whole mess will be squared away and we can all go back to enjoying our graphics processing wonders without worrying where our future upgrades will be coming from.

Commission Affirms NVIDIA Violated Rambus Patents @ Hot Hardware
ITC Issues Notice of Final Determination in Rambus Matter Regarding NVIDIA Products @ Rambus

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