NVIDIA Working On AMD AM3 Supporting Chipset, MCP85 Ahoy!

by Rafael Hernandez on October 26, 2008 · 0 comments


Intel’s CPU and chipset dominance over the past 2 years coupled with AMD’s purchase of ATI (forming a sweet combination in the process) has left NVIDIA feeling a little down but they’re certainly not out of the game. Their recent MacBook coup is just a start and they plan on building on their win with the MCP85 chipset for AMD’s upcoming AM3 CPUs. Expreview has the full details and spec sheet:

MCP85 is a mainstream chipset for AMD CPU. It will be placed right
at the positions of GeForce 8100/8200/8300 (MCP78). The main reason to
roll out MCP85 is to support AM3 CPU, and to keep the Hybrid SLI plan
on track, trying to use Hybrid Power and GeForce Boost to sell more
entry-class graphic cards.

MCP85 has two versions, they are MCP85-S and MCP85-V. Two versions
looks the same, the only difference of MCP85-S and MCP85-V will be
their clock and PureVideo versions, you can see our charts for details.
I’ve noticed that the amount of the shader processors are only 8 (16SPs
in MCP78).

Things should start getting interesting on the AMD front very soon.

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