NZXT Panzerbox keeps it short and stout

by Rafael Hernandez on December 23, 2009 · 0 comments

As nice as a full-tower computer case is there are those occasions where a smaller design is preferred. Of course there are trade offs when you go smaller but there are ways to minimize their effect on your build.

The NZXT Panzerbox forces the power supply over your add-on cards which saves some vertical height and conveniently adds a bit of airflow where you might just need it most. TweakNews has the review:

Freed from the confines of its packaging, NZXT’s Panzerbox has a very unique stance and profile that I like a lot, and the black finish on the aluminum panels is neither flat nor shiny, but very attractive. Curiously, both side panels are vented with a mesh insert and I don’t see how the right side panel vent will enhance cooling, but it does add a bit of visual interest. The transition from top to front panels is augmented by an angled design feature that, along with the wide stance, gives the Panzerbox a unique look without going over the top.

A slick looking box although its wider dimensions is likely to make computer nooks useless.

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