NZXT Phantom serves your not so stealthy case needs

by Rafael Hernandez on July 28, 2010 · 1 comment

The trend for years now has been to make the PC seem like any other appliance you’d find in a home or home theater meaning a whole lot of black cases which left those with a yearning to mold their surroundings to be more like Aperture Laboratories in a bit of a bind.

NZXT’s Phantom computer case enjoys being a little different with its mostly white design, yes even the interior is painted white, while a splash of black and blue makes it look like something we imagined twenty years ago would look like future technology. It’s capable of supporting seven large fans and sports extensive cable management which should make this a favorite with the high-end crowd. (Apparently it comes in other colors so I guess you can have your cake too.)

NZXT Phantom @ PureOC

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