NZXT Premium Cables class up the joint

by Rafael Hernandez on May 17, 2010 · 0 comments

If there’s one thing that makes a PC’s innards ugly and, more importantly, airflow-unfriendly is all of those power cables running to and from devices. Thankfully someone’s looking out for those that enjoy viewing the inside of their PC.

DragonSteelMods has a look at a wide variety of NZXT Premium Cables which come pre-sleeved and should allow for some improved cable management:

Have you ever installed a system in a case and found that the main power cable  was just a bit too short to run it how you wanted to? That can apply to any other cable really like the video card power cables, fan power cables or whichever one. NZXT has come out with a line of cables to make our lives easier, they’re well made cables that serve to extend the lengths of many of those coming from your PSU to make them reach those hard to get at places.

A must have if you’re going for that clean look without spending the better part of a week re-sleeving every individual cable in your system.

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