NZXT Vulcan Micro ATX PC Case looks mean for a petite case

by Rafael Hernandez on May 10, 2010 · 0 comments

Gamer cases tend to take on a more menacing design cue partly because it stands out but when you’re dealing with smaller form factors you’ve got to have a bit of skill when pulling it off.

The NZXT Vulcan Micro ATX PC Case manages to pull it off with its LAN party friendly handle and diminutive size while maintaining a cavernous interior for your extra long graphics card. Legit Reviews has a look:

If you’re thinking that in a case this small cooling is going to be an issue, well, you’re right; heat has to go somewhere. The Vulcan has room for 5 fans: a single 120mm front intake, a 200mm side intake, two 120mm fans for exhaust in the top, and a single 80/92mm fan in the rear for exhaust. To top it off there is a two channel fan controller that can control up to 4 fans; all this in a tiny case that sports a $69.99 MSRP.

A very impressive case at a very reasonable price.

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