OCZ Black Edition DDR3 Memory Kit designed for the tuning tweakers out there

by Rafael Hernandez on January 13, 2010 · 0 comments

AMD’s Black Edition CPU lineup is a fan favorite of the enthusiast given its unlocked multipliers and overclocking capabilities, it was only a matter of time until someone targeted it with enthusiast level memory.

OCZ’s Black Edition DDR3 Memory Kit sports some mighty fine overclocking headroom and memory profiles specifically tweaked for AMD’s CPU Black Edition lineup. Benchmark Reviews takes a look:

The pair of DDR3 DIMMs under test is rated at 1600MHz with relatively tight timings of 8-8-8-24 (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS) at a low 1.65 volts. OCZ has taken advantage of the Black Edition Memory Profile (BEMP) feature that AMD has built into the latest release of AMD OverDrive (AOD), and made these modules capable of having their optimum settings loaded directly into AOD, via download from an AMD web server. This is quite different from how SPD values are normally loaded into the system BIOS.

A slick set of memory if you’re going for that AMD build and have a desire to eek every last bit of performance out of your setup.

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