OCZ Fatal1ty 6GB DDR3 Triple Channel Memory Kit speeds through gaming tasks

by Rafael Hernandez on February 17, 2010 · 0 comments

Tweaker targeted memory kits tend to try and grab a potential customer’s attention with flashy colors and menacing heatspreaders. In cases such as this they’d rather stick to one of the most recognizable names in gaming.

The OCZ Fatal1ty 6GB DDR3 Triple Channel Memory Kit can be used as run of the mill RAM but you’ll most likely want to push it to new extremes on your Intel Core i7 setup. Benchmark Reviews has a look:

OCZ introduced their latest Fatal1ty Edition Memory kit in early 2010. The difference between this DDR3 system memory kit and the previous Fatal1ty kits is that the OCZ3F1600LV6GK model supports triple-channel bandwidth and works with a relatively low voltage. DDR3 memory prices are going down and 6GB kits are very affordable now.

A slick kit for your upcoming gaming build.

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