OCZ Technology Vertex 2 3.5″ fits in on desktops

by Rafael Hernandez on December 27, 2010 · 1 comment

The bulk of solid state drives tend to go for a small form factor because their internal guts don’t take up much room at all but there’s a small inconvenience when it comes time to mount one in a desktop computer which means using adapter bays and other unsightly gadgets. The OCZ Technology Vertex 2 3.5″ mounts into your standard hard drive bay outright so you don’t have to deal with added steps in order to get your machine up to speed. It’s a problem that really wasn’t in search of a solution but it’s a speedy storage option so might as well go with what suits your needs.

OCZ Technology Vertex 2 3.5-inch 120GB Solid State Drive @ TweakTown

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