ORIGIN PC Big O can cost as much as a new car

by Rafael Hernandez on September 7, 2010 · 0 comments

Generally you can get quite a bit of computing performance for the money but once you step into the realm of boutique gaming systems all of that goes out the window in the search for supreme performance. ORIGIN PC’s Big O gaming system combines a full fledged PC and an Xbox 360 into one massive system. Of course its top tier price tag of $17,000 means you get a whole heck of a lot of attention to detail.

The top-end system comes fitted with EVGA’s Classified SR-2 motherboard and two Intel Xeon X5680 processors that are pre-overclocked to a peppy 4.3GHz. If that wasn’t enough they’ve gone with a QUAD SLI Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 setup which will easily handle the latest gaming titles.

If speedy storage is what you’re after the system is prepped with four OCZ 50GB Vertex2 solid state drives in a RAID 0 configuration for the ultimate in speed as well as two Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black hard drives to provide bulk storage.

Normally that much hardware would be enough to cause a hardware purist fits but not to worry the most essential hardware is all water-cooled, even the Xbox 360 components get the treatment, and two 1kW power supplies are on hand to make sure everything is fed properly.

Yes it’s insanely powerful and budget busting but the company does offer different levels of configuration so this wildly expensive system can become something only moderately outlandish.

Big O Custom Gaming Desktop @ ORIGIN

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