Patriot 1600MHz DDR3 Gamer Series Memory wants to help you frag better

by Rafael Hernandez on March 18, 2010 · 0 comments

Enthusiast level computer hardware can be traced back to the gamers that wanted the best performing hardware possible in order to get the best framerates which, more often than not, lead to a better chance of taking out the competition.

Patriot’s 1600MHz DDR3 Gamer Series Memory carries on the fine tradition of performance seeking with some rather quick and low latency memory chips under their fancy little heatspreader. Benchmark Reviews has a look:

Patriot designed this DDR3 kit to work with BEMPs (Black Edition Memory Profiles) that have been uploaded for use with the AMD Overdrive program in order to make overclocking even easier for the average enthusiast. This Patriot Gamer Series RAM is designed to work in tandem with AMD Black Edition processors, but can be overclocked quite effectively in nearly any DDR3 compatible system.

Rather impressive results out of this memory kit and its pricing isn’t bad either.

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