Patriot Extreme Performance 8GB DDR2 Memory Kit, That's a Lot of RAM

by Rafael Hernandez on May 11, 2009 · 0 comments

The previous standard for a DDR2 memory kit called for dual channel support, namely in the form of two DDR2 memory sticks fortunately, with memory prices so low, the new manufacturer one-up-manship standard was bumped up to four sticks of memory.

Enter Patriot’s Extreme Performance 8GB DDR2 Memory Kit. You’ll need a decent 64-bit operating system to take advantage of it all but these sticks of memory seem to perform amazingly well according to Bjorn3D:

Well here we are at the end and for once I don’t think I have a complaint. Patriot seems to alwways push out some fantastic RAM. With the results at hand overclocked or left stock this kit seems to hold its own ground in its own way. Currently the Patriot Extreme Performance 4x2GB set is priced under $100 right at $97.99. This puts this set cheaper than if you where to buy 2 4GB sets and combine them. For the performance and overclockability I think this is a decent price considering what you are getting. I’ve noticed most kits are over $100 and offer 5-5-5-15 timings while the Patriot kit is under $100 and offer 4-4-4-12 timings. Price to performance ratio is also on the money. Even though DDR2 is being outdated by DDR3 on an AMD rig it is the the best bang for your buck. Also with having 8GB of ram you are future-proofing yourself for bigger and better games.

A bargain set of memory with some overclocking leg room, it’s a thing of beauty!

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