Pioneer HDJ-500 DJ Headphones engulf your ears in sound

by Rafael Hernandez on September 8, 2010 · 0 comments

If your old headphones aren’t cutting it anymore then Pioneer’s HDJ-500 DJ headphones might just be what you’re looking for. Sure their eye-catching design might not be for everyone but it hits all the right notes when it comes to comfort and sturdiness. The headphone’s cans are constructed of a magnesium alloy which should allow them to endure the occasional bump and its frequency response range of 5Hz–28,000Hz is equally impressive. Interestingly it’s capable of accepting a max input of 2000 mW of power which, by my math, is 2Watts which seems just a bit excessive.

The black and red models of the HDJ-500 (HDJ-500-K and HDJ-500-R respectively) will be on sale in November while those seeking a white model (HDJ-500-W) will have to wait until January 2011. All three will carry a MSRP of $125USD.

HDJ-500 DJ Headphones @ Pioneer

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