PowerColor PCS+ AX5870 Video Card refines the 5870 design

by Rafael Hernandez on April 20, 2010 · 0 comments

We’re a good number of months removed from the official launch of AMD’s 5000 series of graphics cards and video card manufacturers have had enough time to fine tune their graphics cards designs in order to make leaner and meaner gaming solutions.

PowerColor PCS+ AX5870 Video Card does away with the generic reference design on both the cooler and the PCB which means it’s a whole inch shorter than most other Radeon HD 5870s on the market. Benchmark Reviews has a look:

The PowerColor PCS+ AX5870 is one of several new HD 58xx series cards released by ATI AIB partners in the last few months that follow a new design pattern. Advances in power-semiconductor packaging have allowed for a simpler VRM implementation that also consumes much less real estate on the board. At the same time, the use of a down-flow HSF arrangement eliminates the dead spots found below and behind the blower wheel on the reference design. The combination makes for a smaller, more efficient, and more reliable card that’s less costly to produce. I call that progress, but there are others who bemoan the process of removing cost from a design, commonly known as Value Engineering. I can understand the angst if functions and features are being removed, but finding a cheaper way to deliver the same performance is a good thing, unless you need to establish and maintain snob appeal for your product.

While the tweakers won’t be happy those looking for a cheaper card to run at stock speeds will be more than happy.

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