Prolimatech Super Mega takes its cooling duty seriously

by Rafael Hernandez on November 2, 2010 · 0 comments

Air coolers vary in performance capabilities but when you’re looking at a model that sports quite a few heatpipes and the ability to mount a pair of fans it’s safe to say you’re entering into the performance cooling segment. The Prolimatech Super Mega slots into that niche quite nicely by sporting six heatpipes and an odd array of copper fin segments that sets it apart from the other aluminum fins. Since it is a performance solution you’ll be happy to note that it can accept two 120 or 140mm fans for maximum cooling ability and its wider fin pitch means it’ll still cool well at lower fan speeds for low-noise operation while also enabling quite a bit of airflow to pass through for those that like running things at full tilt.

Prolimatech Super Mega @ ProClockers

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