Pushing gaming performance with more cores

by Rafael Hernandez on October 18, 2010 · 0 comments

Slow gaming performance leads a while heck of a lot of enthusiasts into upgrading their systems with a heavy focus on graphics performance but games are now making better usage of multiple cores beyond the usual quad-core setup. PC Games Hardware has twenty four of the latest and greatest, and not so new, games and their performance when going from a quad core processor to a six core chip. While their results are in a click heavy format (charts? who the hell needs charts?) there’s quite impressive performance boosts in many of these titles when tacking on an extra two cores showing that scaling speed on your next build will rely on more than just a pair, or more, of new graphics cards.

From Medal of Honor to Civ 5: 17 Games that already benefit from six cores CPUs @ PC Games Hardware

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