QNAP TS-459 Pro NAS Server is more than qualified for your storage needs

by Rafael Hernandez on March 23, 2010 · 0 comments

There are two markets that are catered to in the standalone network attached storage market which usually means all of the interesting stuff is reserved for the higher-priced, enterprise focused, hardware. Well then start saving your pennies.

The QNAP TS-459 Pro NAS Server sports VMware vSphere4 compatibility and a speedy GigE interface to quickly populate your RAIDed hard drives. Benchmark Reviews has the details:

The Network Attached Storage (NAS) used to refer to a basic network storage device for simple data sharing but now with the high performance SoC and the advantage in power-saving design, it is redefined as a powerful embedded system that allows the possibilities of offering numerous fascinating applications. Over the past years, QNAP has successfully developed a series of All-in-One NAS servers for power users and business users providing a wide variety of software applications. Besides those QNAP provides, many other software packages are also developed in Linux open source community that power users are able to install them on their NAS to further enrich the functions. However, this is only limited to those advanced users or software developers who are more familiar with Linux systems. In order to let majority of general QNAP NAS users to also utilize their NAS servers with those software packages already developed by the open source community, QPKG platform and development framework is then introduced by QNAP.

Running some of those open-source packages on the QNAP is sure to cut down on the number of extra servers you’ll need.

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