Razer Mako PC Speakers look incredibly funky

by Rafael Hernandez on March 29, 2010 · 0 comments

PC speakers tend to get very little attention due to heavy headphone usage and general noise complaints. Of course nothing beats a good pair of speakers, and many of us actually want to keep our hearing, so manufacturers will continue to make them for the rest of us sane users.

ITShootOut has a look at the Razer Mako PC speakers which make use of flat, CAT 6-like, cables to connect its two satellites to the subwoofer:

The Makos looks much more interesting than most competing PC speaker sets, with egg-shaped satellites and a sub woofer that shares more in common with Michael Schumacher’s F1 helmet than it does with regular cubiod bass boxes. The satellites connect to the subwoofer via flat cables that use a rather unusual interface, namely CAT 5 network connectors. Razer wisely advises idiots against plugging their network cards into the active sub woofer; that will definitely kill your motherboard.

A speaker system powerful enough to fry your stray network cards, impressive.

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