Rosewill THOR V2 PC case gives you plenty of expansion possibilities

by Rafael Hernandez on August 11, 2011 · 0 comments

It’s hard to ignore the Rosewill Thor 2 full-tower PC case especially since its design dwarfs even the largest of cases you will find on the market. The trend of shrinking a PC so that you can hide it out of sight doesn’t sit well with people that require a massive amount of space for their components. Those users will be happy to know that the Thor 2 features XL-ATX motherboard support with 10 expansion slots so your overpowered rig will fit its GPU army with ease. If that wasn’t enough there’s a total of three 230mm fans included with the case so you’ll be getting a good amount of air flowing through your system and a total of six internal 3.5″, two external 3.5″, and six external 5.25″ bays so you won’t be running out of storage potential any time soon.

Rosewill Thor 2 Full-Tower Computer Case @ Benchmark Reviews

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