Rumor: iPhone Headed to T-Mobile

by Pedro Hernandez on July 21, 2010 · 0 comments

In news that might elate or infuriate you, it looks like the iPhone is headed to T-Mobile soon.

According to Cult of Mac, an insider source revealed that talks between Apple and T-Mobile are well underway and that chances are very good — 80 percent in fact — that the iPhone will land on its network in Q3 2010. Or put more simply, between now and the end of September, AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity in the United States will be no more.

Good news for folks that are less than enamored by AT&T. Sadly, no word yet on when the iPhone will hit Verizon’s robust network. Though it operates a CDMA network — iPhone operates over GSM — it shouldn’t be too much trouble for Apple to rejigger its hardware to expand its sales onto the cellular network with the largest subscriber count with nearly 93 million users.

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