SandForce SSDs Rounded Up and tested for your vicarious speed needs

by Rafael Hernandez on April 29, 2010 · 0 comments

The bulk of a Solid State Drive’s performance potential lies in its embedded flash memory controller which tend to vary in features and speed from chip manufacturers leaving the end user to dig through countless reviews to find the gems.

PC Perspective has gathered together four SandForce powered SSDs and put them through some rigorous tests to find the speediest of the bunch:

There appears to have been a mentality shift in packaging of SSD’s.  Lately nearly everyone has included some form of 3.5″ mounting bracket.  While not as beefy as those old school floppy drive adapters, a simple adapter tray does the job just fine for a lightweight  SSD.  While laptop users will just leave this added piece in the box, it is a welcome addition for when it’s needed.

I guess there isn’t much to else to complain about when the drives offer blazing performance.

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