Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440 is some easy to deploy network storage

by Rafael Hernandez on May 17, 2010 · 0 comments

Readily accessible information is the cornerstone to an effective endeavor. Then again if you and your crew aren’t exactly technically inclined you’ll probably look for the easy solution at your nearest retail store.

Seagate’s BlackArmor NAS 440 should fit the easy to acquire and install bill with its four internal drive bays, four USB ports, and two Ethernet ports sharing has never been easier. UMLan has all of the details:

Our estimate is that the BlackArmor NAS 440 has improved in performance over BlackArmor NAS 220 by nearly 30%. This might be due to the fact that 440 is running in raid 5 and BlackArmor NAS 220 was running in raid 1. Regardless the fact the performance of the BlackArmor NAS 440 has been great and snappy. HD Video Playback has averaged around 40 MB/s and Files copy to NAS and from NAS averaged 20 MB/s and 33 MB/s respectfully.

A nice little setup with room to expand and plenty of interesting features to toy with.

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