Shuttle XPC SX58H7 enables compact high-end computing

by Rafael Hernandez on November 16, 2009 · 0 comments

Shuttle XPC SX58H7Shuttle can be credited with making the small form factor computer popular, what with their diminutive designs that took the latest and greatest components and rearranged them in such a way that they’d fit comfortably in such cramped quarters.

The new Shuttle XPC SX58H7 supports Intel’s Core i7 processors which is quite the powerful chip for such a small space. DriverHeaven has the full review:

Shuttle has certainly packed a significant amount into the SX58H7, even in its “empty” state there is very little free space. Looking at the system through the left side we can see the two CrossFire/SLI capable PCIe 16x slots at the nearest edge. In the top down view it is possible to see the copper heatsink which runs from the ICH 10R Southbridge (RAID 0, 1, 5, 10) to the X58 Northbridge. Between the two chipsets is CPU location, a 1366 socket which supports all I7-900 series CPUS and over to the right we have three SATA II connectors, IDE port and front panel connections.  Looking through the right side of the system we can see four memory slots which work in triple channel at speeds up to 1600MHz and a capacity of 16 GB.

A powerful system although you may have a bit of trouble getting one of the latest high-end graphics cards into it due to power requirements.

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